Jill Lebeau, MS, LMFT

Living In The Flow Coach & Spiritual Psychotherapist

My story could easily be titled, My quest to Transcend Anxiety and Revel in the Awesome. Not that I live each and every moment feeling thrilled, but many moments throughout my days thrill me.

The truth is I have transformed my life in ways that, for a long time, were just a dream I was unable to live fully.  I say this to reassure you that, not only can you transform your life as I have, but I’d love to teach you how to do so with ease, grace, joy and a whole lot of fun!  


As far back as I can remember, I struggled with anxiety.  One of my earliest dreams was to find a way to set myself free from the drama and criticism that was ever present in my family.  My childhood had many positive aspects, but as a sensitive young girl I was tormented by the ongoing criticism directed at me by my extremely well intentioned parents.  And since I was a sponge for my Mom's anxiety, it became my steady companion for most of my life.

For many years, anxiety continued to cheat me out of the greater joy I could have experienced otherwise.  One of my many fears was speaking in front of groups. When I had occasions to do so, I was overwhelmed by heart-pounding, paralyzing anxiety.  


In the spring of 2002, I saw Dr. Wayne Dyer speak in Oakland promoting his book, The Power of Intention.  I remember joking that I wanted to be “up close and personal with Wayne,” not just see him from far away.  Little did I know that my innocent jest was to become a direct experience of the power of intention!

Imagine how shocked I was during Wayne's presentation when he pointed at me and invited me on stage!  I looked around, in complete disbelief, convinced he was referring to someone else. I remember stepping onto the stage, silently praying that I would survive being in front of an enormous audience.  But I needn’t have worried. I was instantly enveloped in Wayne’s loving presence. His lighthearted, fun interaction with me put me at ease immediately and I completely forgot about the audience. Wayne was the real deal, a genuine spiritual uplifter!

We did a short demonstration about the difference between high and low energy thoughts and I left the stage completely blissed out, utterly amazed by what I’d just experienced.  I was the only person in that huge audience Wayne called up on stage! My intention to be “up close and personal” manifested in such an incredible way!

A few minutes later, Wayne was promoting the work of a local artist.  He held up a beautiful magnet with the well known prayer of St. Francis, and I had the thought that I wanted one for my home.  No sooner did I have that thought when Wayne said, “Jill, I want to give this to you,” and he held out the magnet for me. I was blown away by the immediacy of having my thought turn into the very thing I wanted.  

Talk about the Power of Intention!  It had just been demonstrated to me by one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time!  Through having such a profound, powerful experience with Wayne, I knew I was receiving an important lesson, not just for myself, but to be shared with the world.

What is the Power of Intention?  It is our Divine Power to create the life we want to live.  How do we do that? By choosing to live consciously and intentionally, focusing our attention on our intentions.  

On our journey, life challenges us.  Those challenges are really opportunities for us to grow and expand into greater versions of ourselves.  And hidden within our challenges are some pretty amazing gifts. When we choose to love what is, challenges and all, we discover how powerful we are to transform our lives into more love, joy, prosperity, purpose and fun!  Through cultivating awareness, we learn to navigate life with ease and grace. We absolutely can set ourselves free from unhealthy patterns of thinking, believing, perceiving, feeling and behaving!

Since my experience with Wayne Dyer, I have continued to expand my work with clients, offering leading edge ways to create the life of their dreams.  


 In 2010 I co-authored the book, Feng Shui Your Mind, Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life!, in which we introduced my fun, easy, practice to set yourself FREE from a mind that’s all cluttered up with limiting beliefs that aren’t even true.  Instead of feeling stuck, you can direct your Superpowers to create maximum success through minimal effort, starting with the greatest achievement in the human experience... cultivating unconditional self love.  Through the power of self love, we become the miracle for others and allow others to become the miracle for us! This practice, that came through the power of my intention to alchemize fear into love, has been life changing for myself and countless others.  Every time someone expresses to me how transformative this practice has been for them, I instantly feel absolutely thrilled!

Today, I have a close, loving relationship with my fabulous husband of 37 years, awesome sister and brother-in-law, two incredible sons, lovely sweet daughter-in-law and three beautiful, amazing Earth Angel grandchildren.  

The loving family I always dreamed about, I have indeed created!

I am blessed with such wonderful clients who consistently inspire me with their courage and determination to live their best lives. And I am endlessly grateful for a career that fulfills my life’s purpose.  It is my absolute joy to guide people as they learn to Feng Shui their minds, declutter energy draining thoughts and replace them with new, inspiring, empowering ones. For me, it’s a daily practice that quickly restores my natural high vibrations of appreciation, love, joy, enthusiasm and bliss.

As we wrote in Feng Shui Your Mind, “when you discover how to harmonize your energy with universal energy, the results are amazing - doors open, opportunities arise & life feels truly magical!”

 I look forward to guiding you to fun, easy ways to create and live the life of your dreams!