Jill is compassionate and supportive. I can tell her anything because she will not judge me. Therefore, I feel completely safe with her. She has an amazing ability to transform the way I see difficulties so that I feel lighter, happier and better able to handle my life.
— Annette M., Pleasant Hill, CA

After spending years trying to find a good therapist for my anxiety and depression I found the amazing Jill Lebeau! Jill has the incredible ability to shift your mindset and change the way you think about things. Unlike past therapists, I leave our sessions with a renewed sense of self and pure excitement about my future. I literally feel my vibration rise throughout my sessions and the high lasts for days.

She’s helped me navigate some of the most difficult situations in my life and honestly it’s been easy and fun. Our sessions have allowed me to step into my authentic self which has been a journey, but it would not be possible without Jill’s help. I attribute much of my soul growth to Jill’s work and I think of her as the ultimate spiritual life coach. Thank you Jill!
— Mashell R., Joshua Tree, CA
As much as I resonate with the infinite wisdom of Esther Hicks and her wonderful, uplifting work with Abraham, I have found it challenging to personally implement their teachings in my human life.

That’s where Jill Lebeau, spiritual psychotherapist comes in! When I first read her book, Feng Shui Your Mind: Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life, I recognized immediately that it was the “user’s guide” needed for the practical application of infinite wisdom to actual real life situations.

My personal therapy sessions with Jill have lead to what she likes to call rapid transformation, but I like to call it Powerful Alchemy! She helped me change my thinking around some key challenges in my life that were holding me back from the kind of Soul growth I was longing to experience. I was shocked how easily my vibration shifted as we casually chatted in her office and suddenly I was deeply appreciating something that had felt like a major stumbling block to me.

When I attended one of Jill’s events, a Sacred Gathering for Awakening Souls, the gathering felt like a great remembering, as if I were waking from amnesia. When I signed up for the session, I wasn’t even sure exactly what was bothering me, but I knew that I didn’t feel as happy as I used to, and I knew that Jill’s wonderful, uplifting, cheerful energy would provide a boost to my positivity powers. I was absolutely right! I had been living in darkness and Jill reminded me how to relight the fire in my Soul!

She reminded me that self-love is the foundation of happiness, and that at the core of my being, there is Divine love, and light and joy. Thank you Jill, for reminding me how awesome I am!

And as wonderful as all of that sounds, I was truly blown away when I discovered Jill’s online Feng Shui Your Mind course last month! udemy.com/feng-shui-your…

This WONDERFUL, inspiring class takes practical application of Divine wisdom to the next level. Jill, and co-creator Michelle Dwyer, have designed a beautiful gift for awakening souls that enhances our journey and very much fills the role of “midwife” as we labor to give birth to our true selves; fully connected to Divine Spirit.

The class breaks down Jill’s “Four Easy Steps” into smaller bites that are delicious to savor. The recordings are uplifting and easy to follow. It inspires me when they share examples of overcoming their own challenges. I find it tremendously helpful that Michelle Dwyer is a health coach and nutrition consultant, so lots of the examples throughout the recordings and activities address one of my personal issues; choosing nourishing foods over comfort foods.

The “playbook” (not ‘workbook’) is full of fun and easy “Feng Shui Fixes” that I explore in depth for as long as I like before moving on to the next recording and more fun, easy ways to play myself into higher vibrations! I have rapidly learned how to increase my personal energy instead of depleting it with cluttered, miserable thoughts. I have found new enthusiasm for my personal eating plan simply because I stopped thinking of it as “restricted and deprived and lacking” and decided that it is a sacred commitment to my self-love that I deserve.

I was feeling powerless in so many little ways and now I feel empowered and far more confident than I did just two weeks ago. I didn’t even realize that my spirit was feeling like a dried up old raisin, and now it feels like a big juicy mango!

Jill is an astounding resource for anyone that wants to live life in a more fulfilling way. I highly recommend all of her services with enthusiasm!
— Cindi C., Vallejo, CA

Jill Lebeau is brillant. She has a way of seeing every situation as an opportunity. She is a master wordsmith and a master of high vibrational consciousness. She is an alchemist worth her weight in gold.
— Karen P., Walnut Creek, CA

Synchronicity!!. That is how I connected with Jill Lebeau 3 months ago.
I had a strong desire to find someone to help me apply the principles of the Law of Attraction as described by Abraham-Hicks, which I understand in my mind but am challenged to apply to my everyday life situations.

Jill embodies living from the perspective of love and abundance and the L of A. She has a playful spirit that is soft, gentle, and full of wisdom. She gives me quick quotes/phrases that I use to remind myself of a piece of wisdom. “With broader awareness comes more choices and options.” When I say that I have to do/think either this or that, then Jill says “What about this other option?” which comes from her broader perspective. Perfect!

I learn from these sessions, not just from the words/talk but from Jill’s noticing and calling my attention to my own shift in feeling. “Did you notice how your energy just shifted when your tone changed (or speed of speech changed), (or using those kinder words)? Notice how that feels.” This gives me a personal experience from a gut/feeling place not just a mind/intellect place. I know from experience how I got to that better feeling place and I can repeat it when I want it. She is helping me develop my ability to stay in that place where I love myself.

She has” hard-core”/traditional therapeutic skills in many areas. She catches me in my emotional co-dependent situations, as well as calling my attention to “the judge” inside my head. She gives me a new voice that softens and relaxes my whole being that says “Oh, Sweetie, you expect so much of yourself. Just look for ‘progress not perfection’.”

She works with me not from a perspective of “I am broken and need fixing and she will fix me” but from the perspective that “I am fabulously whole and the cluttering thoughts are keeping my beauty from shining through.” She does this by identifying the feelings, thoughts, actions that are coming from my place of fear or scarcity = “clutter” and helps me change those f/t/a by changing my perspective on them. An empowering experience!

Recently I sat in the waiting room outside her office before my appointment and heard a client laughing as she was leaving Jill’s office. I know that glorious feeling of leaving a session with Jill, loving myself, seeing the beauty in my qualities, and feeling connected to myself once again. With my best self in tact, I leave ready to take effective action in my life.

I look forward to my sessions with Jill. When I am feeling restricted or pinched off from myself, Jill reminds me that it is the mental clutter that is responsible for that restricted feeling. “Clutter” is the messages that we give ourselves which are not in alignment with who we really. She helps me identify them and remove them, resulting in that delicious feeling of greater freedom to be the best me! Jill combines serious commitment and transformation with fun and ease!
— Anna U., Berkeley, CA

I have been to numerous therapists but none compare to Jill. I find that she makes moving through challenging times almost easy and believe it or not fun. I always feel empowered and connected to the highest and truest version of myself when leaving her office. I have never before found such a strong level of support with any other therapist and I feel a super charged burst of confidence after a session with her that keeps me going. Also, she has a heart of gold and her compassion will immediately put you at ease.

if you are looking for a therapist that will help you transform your life and have fun along the way Jill Lebeau is your lady! She provides a full range of services: individual, couples and amazing groups for spiritual support and manifesting your heart’s desires!

And to top it off her office is in a very convenient location with a lovely garden which is icing on the cake.
— Adrianna V., Oakland, CA

I’m a great fan of Jill. She is someone to see for truly moving forward on not only an emotional level, but also a psychic and cosmic level. She is very positive and helps to make a situation into one that has endless positive outcomes rather than one to be stuck in. Jill will help you to declutter your mind and become your very best!
— Ana W., Berkeley, CA

I have seen psychotherapists in the past and it has been helpful to me at different times in my life. As I have gone deeper into my spiritual practice, I have felt less inclined to use traditional psychotherapy because it began to feel like it conflicted with my new insights. I am also extremely sensitive to who I feel like I can work with on personal issues. I went to see Jill as a ‘trade’ since we both work in the healing arts. I was very skeptical and not expecting much at all. One session with Jill turned things around for me. I felt alive and filled with joy afterward. By the end of the day I lay in bed basking! She is the real deal- and I don’t say that very often! Since then I have joined her group to maintain that sense of joy within myself as I continue on my path of becoming. I highly recommend Jill for help on your journey!
— Lori C., Albany, CA

Jill Lebeau makes therapy a joy. I walk in feeling drained by life and
within minutes feel infused by the promise and hope of life again. Its one of those you have to experience it to believe it phenomenons. She is kind, compassionate, wise and full of excellent advice. I always feel equipped with the perfect “tools” to get past whatever my problem at the time seems to be. I feel deeply cared for in our sessions and she is very present which makes healing my stubborn wounds possible. Her spiritual perspective on life situations is beautiful and always very conducive to helping me reach the next level in my personal growth. If you are considering a therapist I am telling you now- call and book an appointment with her. She is simply an angel. One session and you will know exactly what I am talking
Oh, and her office is cozy and there has always been plenty of parking when I’ve gone.
— Mary M., Danville, CA

Jill is a kind, compassionate, non-traditional yet down-to-earth therapist. I have been seeing her for about three years now, and she has done wonders for me in improving my ability to change the way I see things. Because as her voice mail message wisely states,”When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I always feel lighter, more energetic, centered, and empowered when I complete a visit.
The office is conveniently located just off of Solano Ave. in Albany, and I have never had trouble finding a parking spot on the street outside. The office is quiet, (but has a white noise machine in the waiting area for privacy) and offers a pretty garden view while you discuss what issues in your life you will soon be without. I *highly* recommend Jill’s rapid transformation techniques to all!
— Sarah W., Gaithersburg, MD

Jill is great! I have known her for over four years and continue to be inspired by her willingness to find joy and abundance in life. I worked with Jill first in a one-on-one counseling situation and “rapid transformation” is definitely an apt motto. I continue to be a part of her group sessions and look forward to our meetings every week with other inspiring, mindful, aware women—led of course by the ever conscious Jill. I highly recommend her for the people out there who are looking to create change in their life, who want to invite more joy, and who want a compassionate and honest therapist.
— Michelle D., Oakland, CA

I have been seeing Jill for a long time and find her to be very trustworthy. I feel safe confiding my vulnerabilities. She has been very empowering to me. Thanks to her supportive belief in me, I have been able to complete every goal I have set for myself, including getting married, to a nice man, buying a house, entering and completing graduate school and staying sober for decades!!! Her group, Thrive No Matter What, has helped to transform my consciousness from depression to fun-loving in a matter of weeks and inspired me enough to gain employment in this lackluster economy.
— Bette Z., Richmond, CA

My husband and I have been seeing Jill for about one year and I can honestly say the transformation has been amazing! She is the reason we are still together today. If you’re looking for someone who has the ability to get to your core issues quickly with love and laughter this is the place. I feel like she has a special gift to really help people learn how to be authentic and honest in their communication. This is a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. I continue to grow as a person with her care.
— Kristin P., Oakland, CA

I stumbled upon Jill by accident! I had actually called the offices of three other MFTs who were unavailable until the end of the summer. Well I needed help right away! Jill was recommended on the message machine of another MFT and she was the next one I dialed! Jill to the rescue! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for finding her! She is amazing and has opened my eyes to a new way of living! She has a very loving, nonjudgmental, calm demeanor and actively engages with you during your sessions. Past counseling experiences were very open ended resulting in me carrying on “venting” with noone to engage me on the other side.

Jill is a positive, encouraging active participant in your well being! She not only provides you with her constructive pearls of wisdom but she teaches you how to actively use them in your life. She give you tools that you can take home and apply to your daily living. One of those tools which has been instrumental in my growth is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. As I’ve grown in spiritual enlightenment Jill has been there cheering me on. For that I am so grateful! If you are in need of a attitude “tune up” or need a loving hand to help you in life’s journey I would highly recommend seeing Jill.
— Leah R., Reno, NV

Jill Lebeau is a master at teaching others how to create maximum success through minimal effort. She holds such an elevated state of being that it is nearly impossible to not be uplifted to that state in her presence where those ‘aha!’ moments and light bulbs go off!! This radical shift in perspective reminds me that this is my natural state of being. She teaches fun, simple ways to access and leverage my natural talents and gifts, and share them out in the world! My perceived blocks effortlessly melted away from being in this state of high vibration and joy! It was a real eye opener to see how fun and easy it really is to create my dreams in the world.
— Reggi Goldman, Berkeley, Ca.

Jill offers therapy for living your best life. Jill uses her creativity and natural intuition to help you unleash your thinking to lead you to the path of ease and effortlessness. You find the best in her process of feng-shuy, clearing the mind of mental clatter.
— Teresa P., Richmond, CA

Jill Lebeau is the greatest. She is VERY different than other therapists. She really knows how to get you focused on the present issues and ways to overcome those issues. She really helped me to identify what was going on with my energy and why I seemed to be repeating the same relationship over and over. With her guidance, I learned how to let go of my past perceptions of relationships and attract the love of my life. She really teaches you how to boost your energy with a new way of being (my old way was to get totally stressed and tired). The best part is that we spent almost no time analyzing my childhood and stuck to the present life events. It really worked and now I have a wonderful man in my life!
— Maureen V., San Francisco, CA