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A whole new fun way to experience therapy. Live in the magical flow with unlimited abundance, joy, success and love.

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In our therapy sessions you will learn simple, powerful, fun ways to become an alchemist of love in your life, transforming lower vibrations like fear, co-dependancy, resentment, stuckness, anxiety, and depression into love, forgiveness, freedoM, gratitude and inspiration.

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licensed LMFT and Psychotherapist

Are you ready to declutter and Feng Shui your mind? When your mind is cluttered, you feel stuck – replaying over and over again the same old thoughts that get in your way, making you miserable and stealing your joy.

The thing is, the mind is the originator of every aspect of your life. It's true! – you can clear clutter from your environment all you want, but unless you declutter your mind, you can expect the clutter to keep coming back.

From losing weight, to attracting love, to advancing in your career…all of your success is rooted in your mental outlook.

Cyndi Combs, CMT Testimonial
On the blog

Hear from Cyndi Combs, CMT and Self-Empowerment Coach on how working with me changed her life. 

“If you are one of the millions of Souls on this planet who is having your spiritual awakening, you may find, as I did, that you need a midwife to help guide you through this labor of love. I feel very fortunate to have Jill Lebeau acting as my midwife.“

"You deserve to feel amazing and healthy and relaxed and happy and vibrant every day of your life. Jill can help with that!"

Read more about Cyndi's review on my course, one-on-one sessions and my book.

Live in the Flow course
Attract More Health, Wealth, and Love Into Your Life!

Imagine a world in which you can create your every heart’s desire with ease, joy and a good dose of laughter! Through this course you will reconnect with your power to transcend fear, doubt, judgment, hopelessness, negativity and regret. By tapping into your mind-body-spirit connection and the infinite wisdom of Feng Shui, you will discover your unlimited capacity to create optimal health; abundant wealth and prosperity; juicy, loving relationships; career success; clear life purpose; clarity and confidence in yourself; and unconditional self-love.

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Feng Shui Your Mind the Book

Ready for an exciting alternative to the modern day B.S. that has you stressed out and working harder than ever?

Ready to rapidly transform your life? Feng Shui Your Mind is a ground-breaking program that takes the powerful techniques of Feng Shui to an entirely new level - to the mind itself. It's fast. It's easy. And so much fun!

And that's not all. It's sprinkled with spiritual gems from the laws of attraction, the Kabbalah, and quantum physics, demystified for your delight. Now you've got the perfect combo that delivers extraordinary results.

That's right. You'll discover how to use the least amount of energy to generate maximum success. Whatever your heart desires - love, prosperity, vibrant health or fulfilling career - you will create with ease!

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Feng Shui Your Mind is a thoroughly engaging and practical book for your spiritual tool chest. Spiced with real life transformational stories, this how-to combines spiritual self-help, universal wisdom teachings and ancient Chinese energy principles, in a formula that will bring balance, love, joy and purpose back into your life.
— Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel, Founding Minister, Unity of Berkeley

Find out what your Element Superpowers are.

Want to discover how to live in the flow of unlimited joy, abundance, success and love? Your element SUPERPOWERS are the ultimate guide.

Take my new free quiz created with Health Coach Michelle Dwyer to find out if you are wood, earth, fire, water or metal energy. They’ve been patiently waiting for you to tap into them. And once you do, the results are amazing: doors open, opportunities arise, and life feels truly magical! 

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Writings and Podcasts

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The Enlightened view Podcast
Sacred loving relationships

We all want to feel loved and appreciated.  We all want to have relationships that make our hearts sing. What are the essential ingredients of an awakened relationship and how do we step into our power to create them?

Download the Sacred Loving Relationships episode of the The Enlightened View and discover the necessary ingredients to juicy, nourishing, and harmonious relationships –and we mean all relationships– children, friends, and colleagues too! Every connection we share can be bathed in sacred, loving intention.


Gerry Gavin’s Messages From Margaret show

Jill Lebeau, LMFT and Maureen Raytis were on Gerry Gavin’s Messages From Margaret show: How to Take the Emotional and Spiritual Clutter Out of Your Life and Feng Shui Your Mind! on Hay House Radio.

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OM Times

What if you discovered that there is a way to live your dreams through minimal effort on your part. Sound too good to be true? Most people settle for just fantasizing about their dreams, or give up entirely, convinced that they don’t have what it takes to actually live their dreams. They go day to day, stressed out and suffering. That’s because there’s been an error in our perceptions. Just as a computer program won’t work efficiently until the error is identified and fixed, the same principle applies to the quality of the life we are living