Cyndi Combs, CMT Testimonial


Hello Wonderful People!

If you are one of the millions of Souls on this planet who is having your spiritual awakening, you may find, as I did, that you need a midwife to help guide you through this labor of love. I feel very fortunate to have Jill Lebeau acting as my midwife. 

Midwife for Awakening Souls


Jill Lebeau, MFT is a spiritual psychotherapist, author, inspirational speaker, mentor extraordinaire,  and midwife for awakening souls.

Every time I am with her, she helps me quickly and easily shift my energy up the vibrational scale, changing doubt into confidence and depression into joy. There is nowhere I would rather be when I am in crisis than wrapped in her powerful, positive vibration!

One day recently I found myself emotionally triggered by a situation. My self-confidence rapidly devolved into self-doubt and I was spiraling toward emotional paralysis. Jill fit me in right away.

Using some tools Jill has given me in the past I was already feeling slightly better, but our session was blissfully delicious to my soul, and powerfully productive. The rapid transformation left me giddy! With Jill’s guidance I reconnected with the power and joy of my true essence. My confidence rebounded and my vibration easily and effortlessly skyrocketed to bliss and laughter.

And THIS is when I am in crisis, which is by no means the only time I need and appreciate Jill's powerful alchemy. During my regular sessions it doesn't matter if I am struggling or feeling my AWESOME self. We always start where I am and Jill effortlessly guides me to discover my next perfect step. Spending time with Jill always leaves me with a clear, satisfying understanding of my own abilities and situation.

The value I receive from a private session with Jill, in terms of my mental health and spiritual growth, is incalculable.

If you want to alchemize your pain into enlightenment and become spiritually aerodynamic, here are three fun, easy ways YOU can connect with Jill’s MAGIC!

Jill’s office is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but she offers phone or Skype sessions, so you can connect with Jill no matter where you live to benefit from all of her wisdom and positive energy in a powerfully uplifting private session.  (510) 849-1010 

Live in the Flow: Attract More Health, Wealth, and Love Into Your Life!

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I recently completed Jill's online course and, for me personally - this was a crucial piece! The class includes 10 recordings brimming with wonderful ways to transform depleting thoughts into nourishing thoughts & actions. Jill includes a "playbook" (not workbook) that has joy-filled ways to build our self-love and confidence while strengthening our faith, and our connection to Divine energy, with practical steps to bring that connection into our daily lives. I revisit the recordings and my notes from the class when I need a little raise in my vibration throughout the week! ~ Online class info

Feng Shui Your Mind Book

You can buy Jill's bookFeng Shui Your Mind: Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life HERE.

Jill's book reveals her breakthrough technique
to transform depleting thoughts into nourishing ones so you can reclaim enormous amounts of wasted energy. She helps you tap into the power of wood, fire, earth, metal and water to infuse your vision with the high-vibrational energy of love & enthusiasm!

I am a HUGE fan of this book! I had been following the teachings of Abraham-Hicks for several years when I discovered it, and for me, it was the roadmap I needed to integrate Abraham's message and teachings into my own life!

You deserve to feel amazing and healthy and relaxed and happy and vibrant every day of your life. Jill can help with that!

MUCH love & light!

~ Cyndi Combs CMT Self-Empowerment Coach, Wellness Motivator