Fire Up Your Relationships with Feng Shui

One of the most gratifying aspects of my work as a spiritual psychotherapist is guiding couples to optimize joy and laughter in their relationships. When our mind is de-cluttered, the joy of our Spirit arises naturally, effortlessly. In Feng Shui, the Fire Element rules relationships and it’s no surprise that joy is at the heart of the Fire Element. Think about what attracted you initially to your beloved. Chances are, they exuded a happy vibe that you found very attractive. In nature, we are drawn in when we see beautiful roses in bloom. Same with us…when our energy is all fired up, it is equally alluring.

There are simple, powerful practices that couples can use to rekindle the flame in their relationship. Let’s take a look at the top three that my clients absolutely love. For starters, you’re going to want to stay in the present. A common pattern that I see is that people get stuck in the past. Reviewing what happened endlessly, without moving forward into the present, drains the mojo right out of a relationship. Savor the happy memories, learn from the times you struggled together, and move on. You can plan for the future as you wish, but keep the focus of your awareness on the present moment. Life happens in the present. That’s where the aliveness is.

Adopt a “no blame” policy. I like to tell my couples, one of the most destructive, complete time and energy wastes is blaming each other. It’s so easy to do when we’re feeling hurt, disappointed and angry. It’s definitely what your cluttered mind wants you to do. When you rise above that old pattern of blame, you break through the stagnant energy and get back into the flow. Do speak your truth – another aspect of the Fire Element – but do so using “I messages”… own your feelings and ask for what you want, but release the pull to blame.

Written for Om Times